So what is TOHO house anyway?

TOHO is the name of a tourist-house association based on a common tourist spirits, and its name derives from walking or to use your own feet in Japanese. Information about TOHO is spread by word of mouth among tourists and backpackers in Japan, and we also publish a little magazine with the same name annually. Unlike hotels, where guests are isolated, our tourist-house are places where travelers can meet and share experiences with house owners. It's like a youth hostel without a members card.

bed room

What is the real advantage of using TOHO?

We try to provide opportunities to enjoy conversation with tourists. Unlike youth hostels, many TOHO houses are very compact-capacity is around 20, which enables you to speak to all the guests in one night. It is one of the attractions of touring to make friends and exchange information with them. Some of us offer small tours around the houses, and others offer hot spring tours for guests. So check with the owners, as well as the regular visitors.


We are trying to provide tourists with low prices, therefore, our accommodation policy is basically shared rooms. Women's and men's rooms are separate.


Lodging costs depend on the house. It is about 5,000-6,000-yen per person per night, which includes two meals.



TOHO owners speak very little English or other foreign languages, but they will offer their hospitality to all tourists regardless of their nationality. To avoid problems, it is recommended that you reserve by letter, facsimile or e-mail. Please include reply method in the usual reservation form and wait for confirmation from us. Cancellation policy depends on the owners; however, early action is appreciated. Please remember that we have a high season based on the traditional holidays in Japan. Early reservation is recommended during the following times:
# July 20 - Augst 30, especially around August 10
# December 30 - January 3
# April 29 -May 5



We usually offer dinner and breakfast served in a dining room. You should confirm what time dinner starts before check-in. Generally we offer Japanese-style dinners, and TOHO owners are proud of their special dishes. Volunteer helpers to clean up after the meal are appreciated. Vegetarian dishes may be available by special request (please call in advance).


The Japanese bathing style is different from that of the West. The bathing areas are like small public baths. Basic guidelines:
#Bring your own toiletries.
#Wait your turn to use water or the shower during busy hours.
#Wash your body before you enter the bath tub.
#Hot water in the tub should be kept clean.
#Do not pull the plug in the tub.


You can make a reservation in English for the following lodgings.
They can serve in English (a little) too.

> MUSEUM OF SMALL TRAVEL,Zenibako Otaru Hokkaido,(0134)62-5914
> ASAHIKAWA yuu,higashikawa-chou kamikawa Hokkaido,(0166)82-3910
> Canterbury,Nakasatsunai-mura Tokachi Hokkaido,(0155)68-3899